Yard Signs Are Now Available!

Our first batch of Russ Diamond yard signs has arrived and we'd like to see them in yards all across Pennsylvania! The time for sign planting is here and I would greatly appreciate if you would consider two ways to help us get them planted all across the Commonwealth.

Sponsor a Batch of Yard Signs

The most cost-efficient way for us to obtain yard signs is to order as many as possible at a time. Please consider sponsoring a batch of yard signs so we can spread the word across Pennsylvania!

Click here to sponsor 20 yard signs for $50
Click here to sponsor 40 yard signs for $100
Click here to sponsor 100 yard signs for $250
Click here to sponsor 200 yard signs for $500
Click here to contribute a different amount
or send a contribution by mail.

If you'd also like a sign for your own yard, fill out and submit the form below. Select the "I just want a sign for my yard" option. We'll plant a sign in your yard as soon as we possibly can.

Volunteer to Distribute Yard Signs
or Order a Sign for Your Yard

Please complete and submit the form below to get your yard sign.

We're also seeking volunteers all across Pennsylvania to help distribute yard signs. If you have some extra time and are wiling to help distribute them in your county, please select that option on the form

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Additional Comments (optional):

Mandated Notice

Candidates and their committees are required to report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer information for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200.00 in a calendar year. We choose to collect this information for all contributions in order to ease compliance.

The Pennsylvania Election Code prohibits contributions to a candidate or a candidate's committee from the general treasury funds of any national or state bank or any corporation or unincorporated association, with the specific exception of political committees, or any person contributing another person's funds or on behalf of any third party

The IRS requires us to print "contributions are not tax-deductible" on all fundraising appeals.

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