Make a Video Endorsement!

Make a Video Endorsement!

Nothing would please me more than to have a video of you telling the wotrld why you're supporting my re-election campaign! Nothing fancy, just 30 to 60 seconds of you smiling and talking to your phone's camera. Just like taking a selfie video or facetiming a friend.

You can see a couple examples of endorsement videos here and here. Making an endorsement video is easy to do, right in your own home. Here's how:.

Step 1:
Find a well-lit place to record a video on your phone. We'll want to be able to see your face!

Step 2:
Hit record and smile for a couple seconds while looking into your camera.

Step 3:
Say "Hi, I'm [your first name] from [your town] and I support Russ Diamond because ______________." (Fill in the blank with whatever you want to say. Keep it to just a couple sentences.)

Step 4:
Smile for a couple more seconds and stop recording.

Step 5:
Send your video to my Facebook page using the FB Messenger feature, or upload it elsewhere and send a link to

That's all there is to it! Here are some tips to help your video look great:

IMPORTANT!!! If you send me an endorsement video, I intend to post it online for others to see, and I might use it as a paid advertisement for my campaign. By sending your video, you are agreeing that I may use it for these purposes.

I appreciate all your support so far, and I can't wait to see your video!
Russ Diamond

Click here to download these instructions as a printable PDF.

Video Endorsement Examples

Click to watch video
Click to play video
Click to watch video
Click to play video

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